Oh, hey, look – an update!

We’ve lost track of time, which is something we’re both very good at. In the interim, the second Fae Haven book was released, Truth of the Heart.


When Conor wants to avoid his family’s well-meaning attempts to set him up with his ex, he asks his attractive and unattainable boss, Matt, to pose as his boyfriend over the Yule season. What he doesn’t tell Matt is that despite his habitual flirting with everyone he meets, Conor wants Matt like no one else. He also neglects to mention he’s fae, and his whole family is equally magical.


Matt doesn’t know and doesn’t care where Conor came from, only that he can’t imagine his store–or his life–without Conor in it. He knows it’s playing with fire to pose as a happy couple with his beautiful and too-young assistant, but he can’t resist the chance to pretend, if only for a little while. What he doesn’t count on is how good Conor feels in his arms…or how desperately he needs it all to be real.



Coming out next month is Promises Kept – stay tuned for the beautiful cover and the details of Kalen’s story! We love our Fae Haven boys and hope you do, too.


In other exciting news, we have contracted with Riptide Publishing for a new story set in space, with political intrigue and a prince in disguise. More details to come!



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