Blog hop winners, and ANOTHER new release

Blog Hop Goodies!

The blog hop winners have been notified! Pending their permission, I’ll post their names later this week. But they’re both very lucky, very awesome people and I’m kind of jazzed about being able to give them prizes just for showing up to the party. And they’re cool prizes, even the swag pack — I totally ordered extra shirts for me and Jenny because I was just that pleased with how the design came out.

Speaking of the design, did I mention I did it myself? I learned all kinds of cool techniques in my quest to get the perfect artfully-distressed look. My graphic designer husband was even proud of me. Isn’t it cool?

What’s Next?

No time to catch our breath, though. Jenny and I have ANOTHER release next week, this time with Loose Id. It’s a prequel of sorts to the first Fae Haven books. You won’t have to have read any of the other books to follow this one, but if you have read the other Fae Havens, here’s a silly teaser for you:

Haven’t you ever wondered why Puck isn’t allowed to sneak mortals his moonshine?

Moonlight and Moonshine coverThe Blurb

The annual Haven City Renaissance Faire is a time of magic and adventure. Or so the brochures all say. To Bryan, Jeff, Alex, and Quentin, it’s a home away from home. A chance to let loose and live in a fantasy land for a few weeks every summer, while staying close to the ones they care most about–each other. But no matter how deep their feelings might run, the worry that they might ruin their friendship runs deeper.

In the human realm searching for his missing powers, King Oberon and his sweetheart, Puck, find themselves befriending four young men terrified of how much they want each other. The human boys are all determined to hold onto what they have instead of taking the gamble for what they want, but the tension is working its way between them already. No matter what they tell themselves, change lurks behind them.

And then there’s a midsummer evening, Puck’s moonshine, not to mention a misfired spell. When all the cards are on the table–and the magically created mattress–it’s up to the four humans to decide if they have enough courage to love as freely and openly as they’ve always dreamed.

Want more? Stay tuned for some teasers later this week!

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