Works in Progress

Things We’re
Working On

Curious about what Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban are working on currently? Here’s a list of works in progress we have in various stages of development!

Co-Authored Stuff

INSO Much Trouble – MM Romance Series

  • When international spies meet the guys of their dreams, it takes them a while to actually realize that’s what happened. It doesn’t help that when you add love to intrigue, nothing seems to go according to plan. First book, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, is completed. Sequels are plotted.

Fae Haven Series

  • Untitled – Early plot development stages

Liz’s Stuff

  • Lost and Found – MF PNR (shared world series) – in pre-submission edits
  • Frozen Heart – MM PNR (shared world series) (this is a working title. real title to come later) – in pre-submission edits
  • His Beloved Omega – ABO Regency with mpreg elements. All the delight of a Regency romance with an alternate universe twist. First in a planned series. In progress.

We’re always coming up with new ideas, so check back here often! And while you’re waiting for these works in progress and more, you should definitely check out our other books.