We’re back! (and with a contest, too!)

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This is not my work space. My work space has about 300% more cat hair.

We’re back! Didja miss us?

Life has been pretty funny these past few years. And not always in a ha-ha, what a giggle kind of way, either. But sometimes you just have to go through the crap the Universe throws at you, if only because there’s no way around it.

And then, when you do, you can finally breathe again.

So. New website! Our old domain got snagged because you shouldn’t have an easily distracted Gemini as a web mistress — Liz — and honestly, it was time for a change. We’re not nearly as dedicated to taking ourselves so seriously (have you looked at the address bar?), but we are dedicated to our friendship, to writing the best stories we can, and to having fun the whole time. We hope you have fun reading our new stories, too.

Speaking of new books, we actually have some coming up over the next few months, thanks to the lovely people at Loose Id. More info as we manage to spit out something resembling blurbs, which has to happen sooner or later, since publishers like it when you can tell people what your book is about.

So here we are. New site, new books, same awesome weirdos. Which means it’s time for a totally random and unofficial contest!

IDKMyBFF.com’s First Semi-Annual Totally Random and Unofficial Contest

As you may have noticed, we’re missing a tagline. This should not surprise anyone who knows us. We are, after all, only good at that sort of thing when it’s for other people.

We need a good tagline for a pair of introverted writers with a penchant for steamy MM romance. Easier said than done, that; I’ve been threatening to brand all of our stuff with Funk Nasty! and it’s sounding better and better the longer we go without a tagline. That’s where you all come in.

Comment below with your suggestions for our new tagline to enter. The top three will each get to name a character in an upcoming book and will get their own name on the acknowledgments page.

Talk about bragging rights, amirite?

This contest will run for the very specific and totally not randomly chosen amount of time of three weeks. On October 1, we’ll announce our top three and unveil our new tagline, so stay tuned for that no-doubt riveting reveal.

And yes, if no one enters, I will make the tagline Funk Nasty!. Just see if I don’t.






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